Marty McConnaughey,

Marty McConnaughey is a  3-D artist whose passion for a natural, organic design is evident in each piece she completes .  She lives in East Tennessee with her husband  Jim.  



              Distinctive Gourds





Meet the Artist




Where quality and uniqueness is found in each piece, Marty will tell you that her life’s experiences have added much to her designs. She has spent years as an oil and pastel artist leaning towards photo realism. Her desire is to enhance the distinctive features of the gourd, whether it is misshapen or has an uneven color. She finds the hours spent cleaning, scraping and sanding are always enjoyable because it gives her time to really study the gourd and distinguish how the final piece will turn out. She is drawn to completing a design that will be a focal point in several ranges of décor. Her collectors are discerning individuals  that enjoy the way she weaves together a strong design that fits into their individual  tastes.






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